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Benefits of UFO Infrared Heaters

  • UFO infrared heaters heat directly and immediately; when the light hits, warm is felt.
  • UFO infrared heaters are energy smart; nearly all of energy converted into heat
  • Heat is produced by ufo infrared heaters are not affected by wind or air.
  • Healthy heat source - safe, odorless heat, that does not dry out the air or consume oxygen
  • Heats only when and where heating is necessary.
  • UFO infrared heaters are silent; do not have fans, motors and they are quiet.
  • Mid-wave infrared heating - Luminescence at 2.4 µm wave length, which is absorbed by many materials.
  • Delivered heat can be redirected.
  • Best reflection profile. Has a corrosion protected aluminum case, and a reflector structure.
  • Matchless in areas where it is hard to heat or with high heat-loss

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