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Support télescopique réglable UFO T-1

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Adjustable telescopic stand The UFO T-1 stand can be used in any environment (in an open area and/or covered area). It can be mounted easily to any desired place by the screw holes at the bottom. Corrosion resistant elliptic column and slide tube The plastic bottom and the feet are fire resistant The UFO T-1 stand has no maintenance cost and is easy to clean It may be detached and stored in its box when not used It is portable and can be easily transported from one location to another

    UFO T-1 adjustable telescopic stand UFO T-1 adjustable telescopic stand

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    • Support télescopique réglable

    • Le support UFO T-1 peut être utilisé dans n'importe quel environnement (dans une zone ouverte et / ou une zone couverte). Il peut être monté facilement à n'importe quel endroit souhaité par les trous de vis en bas.

    • Colonne elliptique et tube coulissant résistant à la corrosion

    • Le fond en plastique et les pieds sont résistants au feu

    • Le support UFO T-1 n'a aucun coût d'entretien et est facile à nettoyer

    • Il peut être détaché et rangé dans sa boîte lorsqu'il n'est pas utilisé

    •  Il est portable et peut être facilement transporté d'un endroit à un autre

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    This thing pumps out heat. I never have it set higher than 50% and it is more than enough. I keep it on for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. So far so good, very happy with the purchase.

    Chris L.

    I’m using this in a medium sized garage as a direct heater, and it’s solid, warm, and dependable. I’ve also used it while using my washer and dryer (gas dryer) at 100% without tripping the breaker. Of course, that depends on whatever other loads are on the same circuit..

    Chris L.

    Very warm and works really well. Being able to mount virtually anywhere is a plus.

    Steven G.

    This worked like a charm. I had baby goats to keep warm during bad winter weather. This did exactly that. It mounted high enough off the ground to not be accessible and kept the air warm without overheating it.


    Great heater for my attached garage

    Miroslav M.