This website (www.ufoheaters.com) is operated by Econat Inc. At Econat Inc. we are committed to bringing top quality infrared heating products to you. We have been experiencing over 20 years in the market and also have been working with top retailers in the woldwide. Therefore, we produce high quality infrared heaters with affordable prices.

We enhance business relationships based on reciprocal partnership "vision". In particular, our main principles are long-term relationships, based on trust and mutual benefit, effective information exchange with the protection of privacy, mutual carrying-out of obligations, and also confidence of partner's clients and partners in the quality of product and service.

UFO infrared heaters are sold through wholesalers, retail stores, and online retailers. Our infrared heaters are avaiable in North America, Europe, Asia and others. If you are interested in becoming a dealer of UFO infrared heaters, please do not hesitate to contact with us. We offer marketing support and style guides, product training, technical support and others