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Where to Use UFO Infrared Heaters - old

UFO infrared heaters heat objects when light hits them. Therefore, they are also able to heat outdoors where the air is in constant motion. Just like the sun warms you when the light hits you, UFO infrared heaters warm you the same way.

UFO infrared heaters have a variety of application areas. We will provide you with some examples below.

Localized heating is the key.

Instead of heating the entire area in houses or offices with central heaters, heating a specific room or space will significantly decrease energy consumption. UFO infrared heaters provide more efficient and economical heating. They heat only a particular area, not the whole house or the air, and they begin heating within seconds.

 UFO Infrared Heaters Applications />

Infrared heaters aren't affected by heat loss.

If you have a house with lots of windows or doors, heat loss is inevitable. To reduce the heating costs, you can choose UFO infrared heaters. They will only heat you and not the air in your house so the heat loss through window or doors will be significantly reduced.

Infrared Heaters Applications

High ceilings cost extra heating, but not with UFO heaters.

When you own a house or a workspace, you can't choose the ceiling height. This architecture has a say in your overall heating bills.

Factories, galleries, workshops and even antique houses with high ceilings require a lot of energy to heat properly. Convective heaters will heat the air even that air doesn't reach you directly. To reduce your high heating costs, you can choose UFO infrared heaters to warm the increased foot traffic points of places with high ceilings.

Take a car showroom as an example. The cars don't need the heating, the people do! With a properly placed UFO infrared heater, you don't waste energy by fully heating a room with a high ceiling.

You may not need continuous heating to feel warm.

Convective heating generally operates continuously to keep the temperature stable. This raises your overall heating costs. To reduce that, you can choose a UFO infrared heater with thermostat option and remote control. This way, you don't need continuous heating to maintain the temperature in an area.

You can turn on your UFO infrared heaters for a certain period and don't waste energy.

You can have fresh air in a closed space without giving up on heating.

Ventilation in cold times of the year can be a huge problem. If you open any windows or doors, you may lose all the warm air at the expense of fresh air. UFO heaters relieve you of such dilemma and enables you to get ventilation even in closed spaces. You don't have to compromise your warmth for fresh air.

Constant door opening is not a problem for UFO infrared heaters.

You can safely choose UFO infrared heaters in places with high foot traffic. Just as with ventilation and heat loss through doors, UFO infrared heaters will save you from the extra heating costs from constantly opening doors.

You can't heat open or semi-open areas with radiators!

This is especially important for small business owners. If you own a café, you'd like your customers to stay warm during a cold day even though they're seated outdoors. UFO infrared heaters enable you to provide warmth to your customers to enjoy their stay.

Since UFO infrared heaters only heat through light and not the air, they are perfectly suitable for outdoor use. Convective heating is useless when it comes to outdoors and that's where UFO heaters shine.


UFO infrared heaters keep you warm even outdoors. Enjoy a warm coffee even it's cold outside, because you have UFO infrared heaters.