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Calentador de infrarrojos eléctrico UFO UK-30 con mando a distancia

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The UFO UK-30 model comes with a remote control that allows you to control the heater's power settings and program various timer operations. Refer to the accompanying descriptions when programming your remote/heater: 1. On/Off (turns the heater on or off or puts heater on standby) 2. Program up/down (adjusts program settings) 3. Clock (sets the time) 4. Timer on (switches on the heater in standby mode) 5. Timer off (switches off the heater and starts standby mode) 6. Sleep (switches off the heater without starting standby mode) 7. Everyday (makes the heater operate in preset parameters everyday) 8. Cancel (cancels all the settings) 9. LCD (displays the settings of the remote control and related indicators) 220 - 230 volts 3000 watt, includes remote control Quick and instant heating (feel the heat within seconds, like the heat from the sun). The UFO UK-30 model has a remote control that allows you to control the heater' s power settings and program various timer operations Energy-efficient heat, with nearly all of the energy consumed converted into heat. Low operating costs, mere pennies an hour to operate Low operating costs, pennies an hour to operate Safe and odorless heat. Eco friendly, they do not consume oxygen and do not dry the air. Wall, ceiling or optional stand mount options. (The units do not come with a stand.) Heaters comes with adjustable hanging brackets and high quality and durable aluminum housing. They are easy to install, with step by step instructions provided

Features & Weights & Dimensions

Powerage : 1800 - 3000 Watt
Voltage : 220 - 240V (standard 240v plug)
Frequency (Hertz): 50 Hz
NEMA Plug 6-20P
Color : Silver
Power Source : Corded Electric
Heating Method : Radiant
Product Dimensions : 44 x 4 x 8 inches
Item Weight : 8.5 pounds
Thermostat : No
Remote Control : Yes
Heating Area Indoor : 323 sq ft (based on average temperatures)
Heating Area Outdoor : 226 sq ft (based on average temperatures)
Included Components : Heater, User Manual, Mounting brackets

    UFO UK-30 electric infrared heater with remote control

    Why Ufo Heaters?

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    • 220 - 230 voltios
    • 3000 vatios, incluye mando a distancia
    • Calentamiento rápido e instantáneo siente el calor en segundos, como el calor del sol. El modelo UFO UK-30 tiene un control remoto que le permite controlar la configuración de energía del calentador y programar varias operaciones del temporizador.ns

    • Calor energéticamente eficiente, con casi toda la energía consumida convertida en calor. Bajos costos operativos, solo centavos por hora para operar

    • Bajos costos operativos, centavos la hora para operar

    • Calor seguro e inodoro. Eco amigables, no consumen oxígeno y no secan el aire. Opciones de montaje en pared, techo o soporte opcional. Las unidades no vienen con soporte. Los calentadores vienen con soportes para colgar ajustables, un cable de 8 pies y una carcasa de aluminio duradera y de alta calidad. Son fáciles de instalar, con instrucciones paso a paso proporcionadased

    • El modelo UFO UK-30 viene con un control remoto que le permite controlar la configuración de energía del calentador y programar varias operaciones del temporizador. Consulte las descripciones adjuntas cuando programe su control remoto / calentador: 1. Encendido / apagado enciende o apaga el calentador o pone el calentador en espera 2. Programa arriba / abajo ajusta la configuración del programa 3. El reloj establece la hora 4. El temporizador de encendido enciende el calentador en modo de espera 5. El temporizador de apagado apaga el calentador y comienza el modo de espera 6. Sleep apaga el calentador sin iniciar el modo de espera 7. Todos los días hace que el calentador funcione en los parámetros preestablecidos todos los días 8. Cancelar cancela todos los ajustes 9. La pantalla LCD muestra el ajustes del mando a distancia e indicadores relacionadoselated indicators)

    Customer Reviews

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    This thing pumps out heat. I never have it set higher than 50% and it is more than enough. I keep it on for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. So far so good, very happy with the purchase.

    Chris L.

    I’m using this in a medium sized garage as a direct heater, and it’s solid, warm, and dependable. I’ve also used it while using my washer and dryer (gas dryer) at 100% without tripping the breaker. Of course, that depends on whatever other loads are on the same circuit..

    Chris L.

    Very warm and works really well. Being able to mount virtually anywhere is a plus.

    Steven G.

    This worked like a charm. I had baby goats to keep warm during bad winter weather. This did exactly that. It mounted high enough off the ground to not be accessible and kept the air warm without overheating it.


    Great heater for my attached garage

    Miroslav M.