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This thing pumps out heat. I never have it set higher than 50% and it is more than enough. I keep it on for 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. So far so good, very happy with the purchase.

I’m using this in a medium sized garage as a direct heater, and it’s solid, warm, and dependable. I’ve also used it while using my washer and dryer (gas dryer) at 100% without tripping the breaker. Of course, that depends on whatever other loads are on the same circuit..

Chris L.

Very warm and works really well. Being able to mount virtually anywhere is a plus.

Steven G.

This worked like a charm. I had baby goats to keep warm during bad winter weather. This did exactly that. It mounted high enough off the ground to not be accessible and kept the air warm without overheating it.


Great heater for my attached garage

Miroslav M.

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    In Your Home

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    Open and Semi-Open Areas

Electric Infrared Heaters for Indoor and Outdoor

UFO Heaters will be at your service whenever you need to warm up a place or need extra heat in your outdoor areas. Our heating solutions offer the right amount of heat both inside and outside and target energy saving as environment and budget-friendly products. As well as single-room heating systems with potential cost-cutting features and outdoor heaters that will be able to make your outdoor activities enjoyable and cozy, UFO Heaters also offer industrial heaters for your business.

The best thing about our
heaters is that they are adjustable to your
needs. For spaces with limited areas, you may choose the most suitable form and use the remote control to adjust the temperature whenever you need to.The portable UFO heaters or mountable UFO heaters offer great flexibility and the possibility to transfer the heater anytime you want. The patio heaters radiate heat and create a smoother area for open-air events.