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UFO infrared heaters for North America

UFO heaters are sold all over the world

Models available in North America: UFO S-15 and UFO UK-15 infrared heaters, which run on 110-120 volts.

Models available in Europe: All infrared heater models (except UFO S-15 and UFO UK-15), which run on use 220-240 volts.

Models available in the Asian Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa: All infrared heater models except UFO S-15 and UFO UK-15 

UFO infrared heaters for Europe and others

Application Areas of UFO Heaters

In Your Home

Living rooms, patios, kids' rooms, hallways, home offices, bathrooms, garages, bedrooms, kitchens, entrance ways, and others

In Your Business

Restaurants, retail stores, cafes, bistros, bars, swimming pools, auto shops, gyms, farms, salons, nurseries, studios, hotels, airports, workshops, warehouses, factories, and many more.

Open and semi-open areas

UFO infrared heaters heat objects when light hits them. Therefore, they are also able to heat outdoors where the air is in constant motion.

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