Why Shop with Us?

Why Shop with Ufoheaters.com?

Ufoheaters.com brings you the heating solutions you need wherever you are.

Our heating solutions use infrared heating technology – which doesn’t only instantly heat, but it’s also cost-efficient, eco-friendly, energy-saving, and affordable. UFO is a pioneer in heating systems, specializing in infrared heating. We always use new technological solutions to offer you the best heaters.
Let's take a closer look at why you should shop from us and what we bring to the table.

Why Choose Ufoheaters.com?

UFO brings you a step further than many of our competitors. At Ufoheaters.com, we know how to take care of our customers’ heating needs, thanks to over twenty years of experience in the heating sector.

We provide high-quality products for affordable prices, and the best customer care. We provide you with the best and most affordable heating solutions. Our infrared heaters are eco-friendly and energy-saving – so, while caring for the environment, you also care for your budget. By choosing an economical alternative to fossil fuels, you’ll encounter an affordable solution. 

We also care about your privacy. We keep your personal information secure and offer a secure shopping experience. Your customer experience will be smooth with us. We can provide information about the product you buy from the moment you purchase it and ensure quick shipment.

Why Choose UFO Infrared Heaters?

UFO has been in this sector for a long time and is a respected global brand.

UFO infrared heaters have a technology called "helezonic resistance wire winding", which is essential for efficient medium infrared heating units. Because of this technology, UFO is one of the most successful global producers of infrared heaters. At Ufoheaters.com, we bring you infrared heating technology in the most convenient way.

The Benefits of Infrared Heating Technology

• Heats immediately; when the light hits, warmth is felt.
• Energy-smart: nearly all the energy consumed is converted into heat.
• Cost-efficient; mere pennies an hour to operate.
• The heat produced is not affected by wind or air.
• Healthy heat source: safe, odorless heat that does not dry out the air or consume oxygen
• Silent, without fans or motors.
• Mid-wave infrared 2.4 µm wavelength is absorbed by many materials.
• Delivered heat can be redirected.
• Comes with a corrosion-protecting aluminum case, and a reflector structure.
• Heats only when and where heating is needed.
• Excellent in areas that are hard to heat or have high heat loss.