The Infrared Heating Technology and Two Good Reasons to Choose It


Every household contemplates the upcoming cold weather at least once during the fall season. We know that the cold weather is just around the corner and a good heating solution is what we are all looking for. Fret not, infrared heaters are just the heating solution you are looking for. Let’s have a look at what infrared technology offers you and why it’s going to keep you warm and fuzzy in the next winter!

What is infrared?

Infrared is a part of the light spectrum that we can’t observe directly. We only see infrared when the sun is setting down and coming up as the orange hue the sky takes. More technically, the infrared wavelength is around 0.76 µm to 1 µm.


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The whole process of heating with infrared is basic physics. A hot object’s atoms are constantly vibrating. The amount of vibrations is what we call “heat”. When an object’s atoms vibrate a lot, it becomes hot; when an object’s atoms vibrate less, it becomes cold. These vibrations let out the extra energy to their surroundings as heat. That’s where infrared comes in. The infrared spectrum is the most efficient area for the vibrations to be let go as heat because when the light photons hit a surface, they release the energy they have. This is how infrared heating works.

So now that you know how this technology works, let’s see why it’s the best heating choice for you and your family.


#1 It is an energy-efficient and immediate heating source.

Just like when the sun is rising and you feel the heat slurping your face, you can feel the heat immediately surrounding you when you use an infrared heater. Unlike the conventional convective heaters that can take up to forty minutes to heat an enclosed space, you can feel the heat coming up immediately when you use an infrared heater. This means that you take less time to heat the air in the closed space. When you spend less time to heat the air, your overall loss from less insulated parts of your room will be reduced. In addition to this, they only heat only when and where it’s necessary to heat. They can provide a solution to hard to heat areas, even outdoors when necessary. This is exactly why infrared heating is energy-efficient and will reduce your bills at the end of the month.

#2 It is a healthy choice of heating.



The biggest problem with conventional convective heating is that they are mostly reliant on carbon-based fuels like petroleum, gas, or coal. During the windy days, the smoke or odor emanating from these burning of fossil fuels is neither environmental nor healthy. The infrared heating technology takes out the odor and disadvantages of convectional heating altogether and presents a more environment and healthy alternative. They provide safe and odorless heat. Not to mention that they are silent without fans or motors.

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